Safety First

Safety comes first. We use Standard Operating Procedures that comprise of both Industry and Aviation standards, so as to ensure people and property are safe. We will not accept jobs that we determine to be unsafe. We are insured and hold CAA authorisation to conduct operations using UAS.

Our aircraft have been engineered from the begining with safety in mind and have numerous safety features, including:

  • Auto Land Failsafe
  • GPS/Satellite control
  • Will fly with rotor or engine damage to land safely
  • Onboard stabilisation software (With 11 onboard sensors)
  • Flight recorder (Black Box)
  • All flights are logged and UAV's maintained in an airworthy condition
  • Collapsible Frame
  • Real Time Telementry
  • High brightness LED Navigation lights
  • Programmable maximum flight ceiling 

Small size and low weight (1kg plus camera).

We do not fly directly over crowds or anywhere we deem to be unsafe.

We do not fly in unsuitable weather conditions.

We are approved by the CAA of New Zealand and fly under CAA rule 19.105 regulations.

Flying indoors is possible, but building dependant.

When required we will implement measures and work with a two man crew to reduce potential risks.