Aerial Imaging Services

Using the latest in technology we can offer a wide range of Aerial Photography and Imaging services.

Services range from standard static Aerial Photography,  Interactive Aerial 360 Panoramas, 3D mapping (buildings and land areas) and Geo-Photo mapping. Live high resolution video streaming for close up inspections in hazardous or hard to access areas. Useable for everything from real estate promotion, construction and de-construction industries, property development and aerial mapping services, premiminary geological surveys, maritime support, disease detection in crops and selective autonomous spraying, mine clearance and land remediation support, stock monitoring and crop inspections, action filming for sports and outdoor activities and many more applications.  

We are working with a leading University and other authorised entities in the UAV Industry, to deliver leading edge technological breakthroughs.

We also supply equipment along with pilot and technical training.

*Please note Flight operations subject to favourable Weather conditions.