UAV, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Otherwise known as UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) or RPA (Remote Piloted Aircraft)

Our systems consists of advanced Draganfly helicopters with digital camera, a base station, LCD monitor and video goggles.   

The system we use is in operation around the world by professional photographers and emergency services.

About the same size as a large remote control helicopter, they are very safe and feature a mix of 11 advanced sensors (GPS, Barometric, Gyros and Accelerometers) plus stability software. They also have an on-board "black box" to record all flight details.

They have 6 electric engines and 6 rotors making it extremely efficient for size and payload capabilities.

Battery power means we are your environmentally friendly option.

Super quiet (about the same as a normal conversation 3m away) and super efficient.

Designed from the ground up to be a safe aerial imaging platform. 

We can set a maximum altitude making it safe to fly indoors (building dependent).

The RPA (remote piloted aircraft) are made from a combination of carbon fiber and glass filled injected nylon.

We also operate advanced Steadidrone multicopters equipped with Go Pro Hero 3 Black edition cameras. The Steadiddrone offers advanced fully autonoumous control with automated "Return to Launch" mode and "Follow me." The autonomous mode can be overidden at anytime during flight. We are an authorised Steadidrone Distributor and also working on specialised applications for many other uses in Industry using the Steadidrone.  


On-board GPS means it is possible to lock the vehicles into hovering at your chosen location.

Semi-autonomous flight means our pilot can then concentrate on taking the best images possible.

We can also track co-ordinates meaning we can go back to exactly the same position time and time again for time lapse shots.

Base Station

We use the UAV in conjunction with a Base Station. This is linked to a laptop and LCD monitor to provide real time video and telementary information.

Our cameras are wirelessly linked to the laptop and also video goggles. Providing the operator and you, the client, with live video feed.  


We take stills in 10.1MB and video can be up to 720p 16:9. 

We can equip Digital Still Cameras, Go Pro Hero 3, HD Video Cameras, Low Light Cameras* and Thermal Imaging Cameras*.

*Currently Still and 720 HD Video and Go Pro Hero 3 Black edition are available. Further cameras will be introduced as demand dictates.